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Happy Fall from The Perfect Mrs. Claus!!

It's finally fall--time for cozy blankets, thick sweaters, and warm and wonderful drinks. While most reach for the pumpkin spiced lattes, my favorite is whipped cream-topped hot chocolate. In The Perfect Mrs. Claus Savannah and Matthew meet around Halloween and bond over cups of frothy hot chocolate at the local eatery, The Yellow Pumpkin. The Yellow Pumpkin's hot chocolate is rich and decadent, and absolutely most delicious. As the end of September looms, and the air is crisp and cool, I've tweaked the recipe to decidedly give it the feeling of fall. Be creative and add your own special taste of autumn. Enjoy!

Recipe for The Yellow Pumpkin Hot Chocolate.

8 to 10 ounces of whole milk

1 and a half to 2 tablespoons of hot chocolate mix (my go-to is Lake Champlain Traditional hot chocolate)

Whipped Cream (freshly made or canned--my favorite is Reddi Wip Extra Creamy (blue cannister)

Autumn Mix (candy corn, candy pumpkins)

Heat milk until frothy. Spray several dollops of Reddi Wip into milk and stir until whipped cream is dissolved.

Add cocoa mix and continuously stir until dissolved.

Pour into a large mug and top with whipped cream, seasonal sprinkles,

crushed peppermint candies, candy corn, and anything else your heart desires. It's Halloween or Christmas in a Cup!

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